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Why We Need God...


We Search


We Sin


We Seek Religions / Beliefs


We Die

We Are Curious


Our Time Is Short

We are looking for more.

We have been searching for life for long time.

We have tried many things to satisfy us, but none fulfill us. 

We are still empty and looking for peace with God.

We might be open to the Bible and Spirit of God.

We all are born into sin.

Most have lied, stolen, lusted, did not forgive, and blasphemed God's name.

Some are living only for the pleasures of this world. 

Some ignore, reject, or blame God.

We are guilty of breaking God's laws. 

Some go to church.

Some people are religious.

Some try to earn Heaven through their deeds.

Most do not know God.

Some say there are many paths to God.  They are wrong.

Nobody wants to die.

Yet, we all die sooner or later.

We want to live life and enjoy it forever!

Death is a said consequence of sin. 

Only Jesus Christ can raise us in new everlasting life!

We do not know all things.

We hunger for truth and knowledge.

We want to know.

We have questions.

God can answer all our questions about life, death, and life after our physical death.  

How long will you live?

How much time do you have left?

What happens when we die.

God lives in eternity.  Jesus Christ welcomes us to live with Him in everlasting life and pleasure!

We Are Dying Slowly...


When Adam and Eve sinned, this shortened our life. 

We get sick and weak and then we die.  

Dying is no fun...unless you know Jesus will take you into everlasting life with Him.


We spend too much money.

We are in debt.

We save little to no money.

We need help.


Our pride hurts us and others.  Our beliefs are misdirected.

We do not know everything.

We are learning about life.

We are confused and can not figure things out. 


We get frustrated with life.

We try to put on a happy face, but we are empty inside. 

We can not control our anger and fears.

We worry too much and need God. 


We do not always get our way. 

We are controlling.

People are weird and different from us. 

Can not we all just get along?


We are lost and do not know God.

We are confused by world religions and preachers.

We want THE Truth!

We need an eternal life relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

We search for Love, Acceptance, Peace, Purpose, Joy, Security, Pleasure, Value, Comfort, Healing, and Hope.

We struggle with forms of death: physically, emotionally, financially, intellectually, willfully, relationally, and spiritually. 

We can die ignorant of God's answers, love, invitation, and power for us. 

God answers us by inviting us into His Heaven of Life, Love, Acceptance, Peace, Purpose, Joy, Security, Pleasure, Value, Comfort, Healing, and Hope through Jesus Christ mankind's only Savior.

We can not save ourselves by our works. 

God saves us as we place our trust in Him everyday .

We Decide our relationship with God through Jesus Christ mankind's only Savior. 

Our CONNECTION with God defines if we are ALIVE or walking in death.

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