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QUESTIONS are healthy and good if they come from a sincere and humble heart.   We are all curious--some more than others.  If we want more, there is more available to us.  God, our Creator, wants us to learn about His wisdom, ways, power, purposes, and rewards.  All is available for those who rise above low level thinking.  Mankind was made to rise higher from a fallen sinful state into a risen state of meaning and destiny.  We are not "gods", yet we are to rise in our connections with God. Our transformation into our real calling all starts when we are pursuing the answers that God has for us.  It all starts with a curiosity to experience God.  He waits.  He calls.  He answers.  

HELP :  Yes, there is help, hope, love, truth, power, and purposes all waiting for each of us!  God designed our lives in such a way that He requires us to call out to Him for help.  God will not directly interfere with your life without you inviting Him into you life to help you.  

CHALLENGES:  Yes, we all experience challenges in life.  Because we were all born into sin, we have pain and questions.   If we don't gain God's truth concerning our questions, then we will be lost in our conclusions which are not satisfying and conclusive in themselves.  Pain does come to everyone, however, God wants us to call to Him in faith.  Our faith in God's power saves us from the major problems in our life.  Renewing our mind's with wisdom from God also helps and encourages us on our journey into life knowing and understanding God's wonderful and merciful ways for each of us.  


DEVIL:  Yes, there is a devil who is a fallen angel once known as Lucifer.  He rebelled against God and seeks to be like God.  He is not God's exact opposite, but seeks, through counterfeits, to be like God Himself.  All who follow the devil's rebellious ways will go into a judgement that the devil will go into--everlasting condemnation in fire.   The devil is crafty in his deceptions and destructions lying about God's truth for mankind.  There is a Heaven and there is a Hell.  The devil does not want us to know these truths.  The devil also does not want us to know mankind's one and only Savior who is Jesus the Christ--God's only begotten Son.  The devil will soon be removed from his activity as Jesus returns to restore Heaven and Earth.  Followers of Jesus Christ are to be equipped in God's power to expose and destroy the works of the devil in Jesus' name and authority given.  

PURPOSES: Yes God made us all with a purpose.  We are to come to know God our Creator and Father through Jesus Christ God's Son.  As we are invited by God's Spirit to understand Jesus, Jesus then takes us into God the Father's presence forever where there is no pain, sin, sickness, sorrow, or death.  Our purpose here on Earth is to come into an everlasting life relationship with God (Father, Son and Spirit), and reveal His glorious ways through teaching hungry and humble students who also want to receive God's free gift of salvation.  This salvation, through Jesus alone, sets us free from the penalty of sin, the power of sin, and the presence of sin.  

GOD:  Yes, God is alive, powerful, merciful, holy, loving, and patient.  God waits for each of us, as we journey through time to come to receive His love and truth.  As we study His given word to us, the Bible, we understand that we are made in His image and not from an evolved slime.  God expresses Himself to us in three parts, but all are One together in purpose and in their character.  God the Spirit draws us and convicts us of our sinful ways calling and empowering us out of those death ways into God's life ways.  God the Son, Jesus or Yeshua, is the One who reveals God the Father to us and enables us all to return back to God the Father's home in Heaven.  As prodigal, wasteful and sinful beings, God patiently waits for our response to His Spirit and to His Word (Jesus).  The Godhead (three in One) love us and passionately desire us to become His students, His children, and His friends forever.  God also will never force any person to receive His everlasting love invitation to be with Him forever, but takes no delight in those who reject His everlasting love invitation.  


God is not a "Divine Butler"

​​God is not a "Impersonal Cosmic Force"

​​​​God is not a "Angry Monster"

​​​God is not a "Philosophy"

​​God is not "Non-Existent"

God is all powerful, all knowing, all present, never changing, perfect, holy Father of all Creation.

CHOICES:  Yes, each of us must make a choice to either follow Jesus Christ into an everlasting life relationship with God, or reject His love and truth choosing our own ways.  God does give us all a "free will".  Each of us do have a responsibility to choose or reject Him as a person and Him as our way (Leader / Lord).  God will never force His love and truth upon us, but warns us that going our own way, like Lucifer the devil did, will end up horribly for us!  God warns us not to follow the lust of our eyes, the pride of life, or the lusts of our fallen sinful flesh.  God calls us all to come to understand God's will, practice God's will, and be enlightened that God's will is our best and most blessed way to live.  As we all know, some will not follow Jesus and confess Him publicly.   Jesus is now in the process of selecting who really is following Him, or not really following Him.  Our own personal choices will dictate our chosen destiny.  We must all learn to choose wisely and be informed about the consequences of our rebellion against God, or the fruit of our faith in God receiving God's rewards of being faithful stewards of God's goodness to us.  

AFTERLIFE:  Yes, there is life after our physical body dies.  We do not evaporate or melt into some cosmic blend of power and conciseness.  Our spirit and soul live on either in a place called Heaven where God dwells, or in a place called Hell where the devil, his rebellious fallen angels, and fallen unrepentant sinful man dwell.  This Hell is a place of torment and not a place of parties and enjoyment.  Those who go into this darkness and fire will never be able to come out!  This is not my word, but God's word.  The important fact is that Heaven welcomes everyone!  Everyone who has ever sinned, lied, committed sexual perversion, adultery, blasphemy, witchcraft, murdered, stolen something, welcomed to receive God's forgiveness and mercy through Jesus Christ.  God promises those who follow His Son, Jesus, they will enter into joy, peace, and pleasures forever in God's glorious and perfect presence!  We each must choose to follow Jesus.  Good people don't necessarily make it into Heaven, saved people do!  We are only saved if we are trusting in Jesus' works and not in our own works.  Turning away from our sin and gladly receiving Jesus's teaching and God's Spirit is the wise way into God's plan of everlasting LIFE for each one of us--which is a free gift that Jesus purchased for us on the cross before He rose from the dead on the third day.  

SATISFACTION:  Yes, we can enjoy life in the midst of suffering , weakness, pain, and lack.  Why?  Because in Jesus we can be brought into a reality of life and life more abundantly!   Jesus emphasized that our spirit needs to be born again by God's Spirit.  When our spirit comes alive, in the knowledge and reality, in God, then we live in a higher life.  When we see and agree with God, then we can access His empowering grace to overcome our weakness, lack, and folly.  Only in Jesus can we access these empowering graces that save us from our sinful ways!   All other attempts appear to be religious, but are insufficient in leading us out of our darkness and bringing us, or delivering us, into God's Kingdom of Light.  Satisfaction comes when we learn to feed our spirit, renew our soul (mind, emotions, will) and yield our bodies to God.  When we become students and stewards of God, then a whole new purpose and power will infuse us as we live by faith in God's power and not in our own power or understanding.  

SUMMARY:  Yes, we all came from God, the Creator of all things, however, we are all in a test as to whether or not we will connect with God.  We do have the power to choose to reject God's invitation or receive it.   What do we need?  We need hope from God. We need strength for our weakness.  We need love for our unloveliness.  We need perfection for our corruptions.  We need God for everything.  This is part of the message of the good news (gospel).  The other part of the message is that God HAS ALREADY provided all that we need through our relationship in Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah).  In Jesus we can learn how to live and not die.  We can learn about God our Father's love who waits for each of us to return back to Him as prodigal, wasteful sons and daughters.  God waits for us.  Jesus died even for His enemies.  Not one of us has to go the way of the devil (independent rebellion).  We can all enjoy God's work to restore us back into life everlasting.  "Why this restoration process" you might ask?  It is God's wisdom to reveal Himself to us in a multitude of ways! What ways?  As our merciful and forgiving Father.    As the One who proved His love to us to the point of even dying for us.  As the One who dwells within us--empowering us over all evil.  As the One who is preparing a place for each one of us who are on this fantastic journey on knowing Him and growing in His ways with Him.  In this I, and many, rejoice to know and enjoy His presence now and for all eternity with Him!  God is good!   May your heart eyes open up to God's love (Jesus) seeing and receiving Him as your way of life and life everlasting! 

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