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Belief or Blame?

Belief or Blame? We can either believe God; What He has done, is doing, and will do for our good (and His glory), or we choose to blame God as the problem for all the past, present, and future problems on earth right now.

If we believe God then we can grow, learn and experience Him. What can we learn? What God HAS done, IS doing, and WILL do. God tells us everything in the Bible--His Word to mankind. All we have to do is discover asking God to reveal His good things to us. Start with the New Testament book of John and discover who Jesus was, is, and will be soon as Jesus returns to earth.

Blaming God is part of the sinful fall that Adam and Eve experienced. When things went wrong, they blamed one another. God stepped in and taught them not to blame, but to trust in Him. Then, God demonstrate His love instructions to us. He sent His only holy Son, Jesus, to come to show the way of life to all who wanted to know and grow in life--pushing away all death ways.

Are you actively and daily believing God for His goodness to saturate your life, or are you blaming God for all the problems that you are having to go through? One starts the process of life while the other starts the process of death in our hearts, minds, emotions, choices affecting our daily life and our destiny. The best choice for us is believing God and learning more.

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