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ILLUSTRATIONS for those who follow Jesus into everlasting life:
1. Children
2. Warriors
3. Athletes
4. Farmers

Jesus taught us about His Kingdom by using stories, or illustrations to help us understand His love, ways, and life.  These are four powerful illustrations that you can use all throughout your life.  Be encouraged!  God is for you and not against you--if you so desire.  (Read them from 1-4 and enjoy them and His promises to us:

​1.  Welcomed Children Of God:

  • God wants us to be born (again) by His Spirit.  We were born physically.  We need a spiritual birth from God.

  • God wants to accept us as His blessed children who are forgiven and restored.

  • God wants us to receive His love and message of life and everlasting life

  • God wants us to trust Him through the challenges of life that we have

  • God wants to comfort us

  • God wants to bless us

  • God wants us to live without cares, lusts, or be confused by the deceitfulness of riches.  

  • God wants reveal Himself to us in a living and loving empowering relationship of life and life everlasting.

2. Wise Warriors For God's Kingdom:

  • God wants to set us free from the condemnation of sin (the penalty of sin)

  • God wants us to receive His strength to live as overcomes in this world

  • God has provided His divine power to enable us to grow strong in Him.

  • God doesn't want us to live defeat, depressed, or addicted to deadly things that can harm us

  • God wants us to know His wisdom and strategies to fight against evil

  • God wants us to resist the devil and submit to Him as our Commanding Wise Officer of Life

  • God wants us to rejoice that our name is written in His Book of Life over all rejoicings.

  • God wants to restore our authority over sickness, disease, and doctrines (lies) from devils

  • God wants us to endure hardship as His good soldier in Jesus.. 

3.  Winning Athletes In Training:

  • God wants us to shed those broken things that hinder our relationship of life and life everlasting with Him. 

  • God wants us to focus on Him and His abilities to raise us up into life.

  • God wants us to run to Him

  • God wants to be our personal trainer

  • God wants us to build up endurance and perseverance

  • God wants to correct us when needed in order to help us.

  • God wants us to know that He is always with us--helping us

4. Fruitful and Faithful Worshipping Stewards As Farmers:

  • God wants to change us from the inside-out by His Word and His Spirit

  • God wants us to nurture His presence in our life as we become His temples

  • God wants us to enjoy and express the fruit of His Spirit

  • God wants us to live in His abundance

  • God wants us to share His abundance

  • God wants us to plant the seeds of life in people's life and pray for them to come to know Him

  • God wants us to trust His timing and ways for our life

  • God wants us to weed out those destructive weeds 

  • God wants us to enjoy His particular leading and calling for our lives.

  • God wants us to bless others as we have been blessed by Him

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