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Free .pdf's to download, learn, meditate on, grown and share with others


This pdf will help connect you to God and His blessings forever!

Study God's Word written by His Spirit to men.  

Come to understand Jesus' passion inviting all into life.

Receive God's free gift of everlasting life.

Absorb the gospel of John and apply God's wisdom daily. 

Allow God's Spirit to speak to your spirit.

Listen to words of love, invitation, and endless joy!


This pdf will reveal a biblical approach how to connect with God.

God is a King. We are approaching the King of Kings.

Honestly, sincerely, approach God with all your Heart.

Humbly approach God.

Hungry for God's life gifts, love, blessings, and promises.

Honoring God who will honor your faith in His good designs!


This pdf will help you work out what God wants to work into your life.

Discover little agreements that we must have removed.

Walk in freedom, love and peace with God.

Enjoy new revelation as God sets your free - by your permission!

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